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Guruji  R. Seenivasan is a reputed nadi astrologer and practices Nadi Astrology, also known as palm leaf jyothish. Born and brought in a valluvar family and his family is involved in this field for the past 100 years. He right from his childhood studied about Nadi jyothish at Gurukul. He also benefited from the immense knowledge relayed to him by his father and grandfather who have been renowned astrologers of their time.

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Guruji is now in his 5th generation of this divine service. He has a vast knowledge of Nadi astrology (Palm Leaf jyothish) and his area of specialization are Agasthiya Sukshma naadi and Maha Shiv Sukshma Nadi. With the blessings of Lord Shiva and sage Agasthiya he is doing service to people for the last 18 years and in this span of time he has provided predictions and useful suggestions to innumerable clients from all across the country and globe. He provides Nadi profile and the remedies based on ancient prewritten palm scripts of great sages.

Guruji is a authentic Nadi astrologer and a staunch faith on God. He is a firm believer in destiny and the effects of planets in controlling it.According to him – Our past Karma reflects in the planetary positions at the time of our birth which plays a deciding role in our entire life.

Nadi astrology can predict a clear picture of a person’s life, his potential, luck, education, suitable career and a lot more vital information for polishing one’s life.



Naddi Astrology

In Hinduism, Agasthiya is a legendary Vedic sage or rishi. Some say that it was the sage Agasthiya who first brought and popularized the Vedic religion to south India.

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Naadi History

Thousands of years ago, the great sages of India (Ancient vedic scientists)achieved the highest of consciousness through meditative practice and other esoteric techniques.

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Naadi Procedure

First your thumb print (right hand thumb for males and left hand thumb for females) is taken on a piece of paper.

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Chapter Info

This chapter will give a summary of future predictions for all the 12 houses. The planetary positions at the time of his/her birth will come in the Naadi Leaf.

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